Private Edition 2022

187 Beyond our Borders | MAKE THE NEXT YEAR ONE OF DISCOVERY AND TRANSCENDING BORDERS • Taste and smell new flavours • Travel without a visa • Meet new people • Explore a city on foot • Come home renewed For more information on international destinations that are waiting to be discovered, turn to the iExchange section on page 60. Dare to go beyond what you know and see more of the big, wide, world! A great place to start is where you won’t need a visa to travel. International travel allows you to meet new people, experience strange sights and sounds, and immerse yourself in a totally new culture. Get more stamps on that passport this year! Index Namibia 189 Sandpiper Dunes Mozambique 191 San Martinho Beach Club Zimbabwe 192 Caribbea Bay 192 Lokuthula Lodge 192 Troutbeck Beyond our Borders BEYOND OUR BORDERS SOUTHERN AFRICA