Private Edition 2022

OUR SIGNATURE RESORTS WHAT TO EXPECT AT SIGNATURE COLLECTION RESORTS Signature Collection Resorts are managed by the Club to ensure that the quality of accommodation and facilities are maintained in line with our company vision of making extraordinary holidays THE standard! High Quality Standards We have worked hard to ensure consistent quality standards, so that you know what to expect at our Signature Collection Resorts. This will be carried through in all our resorts and will include consistency in all the items supplied within the unit as well as on the resort in general. The staff at our Signature Collection Resorts are committed to service excellence and attention to detail. We aim to enhance your holiday experience at our standardised resorts. What’s new at our Signature Collection Resorts? Each guest has a different idea of what makes a great holiday, and we want to make sure that we cater for everyone. The new facilities and improvements at our resorts, as well as our on-site entertainment coordinators, our Fun Fanatics, will have something to offer everyone of all ages. Our goal is to make holidays fun and exciting, exclusive to our Signature Collection Resorts and will be tailored for each resort’s unique layout. In resorts that have large spaces we can allow for exciting new activities, while we endeavour to be creative and make the most out of the space-limited resorts. See pages 17 and 18 for an overview of these facilities. WHAT IS A SIGNATURE COLLECTION RESORT? Signature Collection Resorts are largely owned or managed by The Holiday Club. As part of the Beekman Group, with more than 50 years experience, we have the expertise and infrastructure to ensure that all the properties managed by The Holiday Club meet the expectations of Members and holidaymakers alike. In keeping with our promise to make extraordinary holidays THE standard, these resorts are regularly improved and maintained. 15 Our Signature Collection Resorts | ABOUT THE HOLIDAY CLUB Kiara Lodge, Drakensberg